Did you see a cool looking toy on our social media and want to know what it was? Look no further! You've come to the right place. Click the appropriate image below to learn more about each model we offer.

Dildos and Plugs

Insertable toys, fun for folks of all kinds!

Monty the ManticoreSkollHatiFenrisulfrArchie the CentaurAnathema the Fell Dragon

Jehiel the Burning OneSaichon the Phaya NagaElva the DragonessHyperion the HydraSnapdragon

Kouya's CockValentine's CockValentine's TonguePitayaZagan Model Page

Ryou Model PageTarak's Model PageTarak's Shaft Model PageIdris Model Page


Benedict Model Page



Whether you want to use them as kegel eggs, desk companions, or stress balls, anything is valid, except for one thing: don't put them in your butt, and don't feed them after midnight.

Seriously though, do not put these in your butt.

Kraken EggGargoyle Gang

Hybrid Toys

These friends are multi-talented, in some cases functioning as an insertable and penetrable all in one. You'll want to take a closer look to see what each one has to offer!

Seiryuu Model PageKouya Byleth



The exact opposite of an insertable. All our penetrables are currently under revision — see below for what they used to be, but keep an eye on our Twitter for updates on what they'll look like when they're done!

Under Revision

These fellas aren't available right now, since their models require some form of revision. They're down but not out, so you'll see them again eventually!

Walter the WyvernCarmela the Aberration