Kouya the Kitsune


Kouya's Maw is our first true hybrid toy to make it to a full-size release; he's usable both as a penetrable AND an insertable, or for a number of other creative endeavors. Please take time to familiarize yourself with the specs for each version of this toy, as they are meant to serve different audiences, and read on for some tips on how to use this toy, should you be finding yourself a little confused.

Kouya's Maw turnaround


Total Length Lower Jaw Insertable Length Lower Jaw Circumference Total Jaw Circumference Enclosed Channel Depth Channel Diameter Base Price
Mini 4.25 in 2 in 2.75 in 4.25 in 2.25 in 3/8 to 1/2 in* 55$
Small 5.25 in 2.75 in 3.5 in 5.5 in 3 in 1/2 in to .75 in* 80$
Medium 6.5 in 3.5 in 4.5 in 7 to 7.5in 3.5 in ~5/8 to .75 in* 120$


Please Note: Most of these measurements are extremely approximate, particularly those regarding the size of the enclosed channel, which I cannot easily measure without cutting an actual item in half. Insertable portion measurements are taken from one spot, but you can expect that there will be variation here as well. Refunds will not be issued on the basis of "measurement inaccuracy."

*This measurement varies throughout the channel. Overall, the entrance and channel width of the Mini is similar to that of a pencil eraser, and the Mini size is NOT suitable for anything larger than a finger. For penile penetration (by an approximately National Average Sized Penis), you must choose the Medium size.

The Small size MAY fit below-average girth penises (it has not been tested for this function), but firmness is key; you will want a pour in 0020/Supersoft if you're wanting to experiment.

Mini Kouya soda can comparison

Small Kouya's Maw MeasurementsMedium Kouya soda can comparison

Internal View and Other Measurement Information

Only part of this toy functions like a "traditional" masturbator, and this part is described both in this image and the measurement chart as the "Enclosed Channel". The rest of the muzzle is open, and the user will need to manually hold it closed around their anatomy.

When referring to the Insertable Portion, I am referring to the LOWER JAW only, unless otherwise noted. While it is theoretically possible that some users may insert the snout instead, or in addition to the tongue and lower jaw, it is not designed specifically for that purpose. Therefore, to avoid confusion, it may not be included with any great detail in the measurements.

Kouya Internal View

All measurements are approximate, some taken from the rigid master sculpt, and others from a finished silicone piece (the only way to get the closed-jaw measurements). As a result, flexing or squishing the toy may produce different numbers. Toys may also have a small variation in size due to under or over-pouring, or natural mold distortion over time.

So How Do I Use This Thing?

Just about however you want, actually — use your imagination! Besides the obvious, conventional "don't stick anything in your butt past any flared points that would help keep it from zooming up in there" wisdom, there are several ways to use each of the sizes. Kouya is sort of a Jack of All Trades; not as efficient at one particular function, but makes up for it by providing more options.

But first and foremost: DO NOT purchase a Mini or Small for use with the average (or larger) penis. The Mini cannot fit anything larger than a finger or small bullet vibe. The Small might fit significantly below average-girth penises, but this is neither guaranteed nor tested.

The Medium version can be penetrated like virtually any other stroker/masturbator design; the key difference is that roughly the first half of the model is open rather than fully enclosed.

If you don't possess the anatomy to penetrate the toy this way, all sizes of Kouya can be fitted with a bullet vibe inside their channel, provided it's of the right size. Don't force anything in there that won't easily fit!

The WeVibe Tango X is confirmed to fit in all sizes, though it fits most easily into the Small (Mini and Medium are a tight/looser fit, respectively). Use a bit of lube when inserting the vibrator into the channel, and don't leave anything inserted when you're done playing, in order to prevent unnecessary continuous stress on the silicone. As with any other penetrable, it is possible for the toy to tear.

Kouya's lower jaw and tongue can be used like any other dildo, either by insertion, or by using it for external stimulation. Bear in mind that the tongue is very thin even on the biggest version of the toy, and may not be ideal for anal use, even on a split-firmness toy with a 0050 tongue.

Try using this toy to "lick" or gently nibble (by pinching the jaws over your body) wherever you like. I advise not thinking of it the same way as you would most toys, or expecting it to function as such. Kouya's Maw is a whole new type of toy, so spend some time experimenting to figure out what you enjoy.

Worst case scenario, you have a cute and cheerful desk buddy/bookend, or an unconventional faux flower vase/implement holder.

About Mini and Small Kouya:

Given the unique configuration of Kouya's jaws, attempting to use this toy for such purposes as clitoral suction may not be overly successful, compared to a normal suction toy with a totally enclosed channel and a flatter face.

However, this will be highly dependent on the user, and the Mini version can still be used for shallow insertion like a dildo (whether with just the lower jaw or the whole muzzle) or as an external teaser (with or without a vibrator inserted into the back of the toy).

Small Kouya is a bit of an experiment. It MAY be possible for some folks to utilize as a penetrable if the firmness is correct, but a penis of average or greater girth will almost certainly not fit. If it does, it probably won't be comfortable. This size is better suited to being a vibe sleeve for a toy of similar dimensions to the We Vibe Tango X.

Presently, all Mini and Small Kouya toys are open-ended, unless otherwise stated.

Which Firmness Should I Buy?

As always, the obligatory disclaimer: I can't make any detailed personal recommendations, and Your Mileage May Vary (A Lot). Refunds/returns will not be granted if the item doesn't work in the scenario you envisioned; please remember that this is an experimental, unique item.

However, I do have some general guidelines most will probably find applicable:

If you want to maximize the texture of the teeth and palate, or have the muzzle and tongue be firmer and easier to use as a dildo, you should choose a Split Firmness toy (0020/Supersoft head, 0050/Medium muzzle). Split Firmness costs more due to the complications in producing such toys, but it might be the most balanced/"optimal" configuration for this toy.

If you are buying this toy solely for use as a penetrable, you just like really squishy toys, or you would prefer the tongue to be at Maximum Wiggle Capacity, choose one that is pure 0020/Supersoft.

Mini and Small Kouya are the only sizes which may regularly appear in 0030/Soft. This firmness is not suitable for a dedicated masturbator/penetrable toy, but will transfer vibrations slightly better than 0020 if being used as a vibe sleeve.