Ryou Turnaround


Total Height Usable Length Circumference (Midshaft) Base Price:
Small 6 in 5.25 in 4 in 55$
Medium 7.5 in 6.5 in 4.75 in 80$


All measurements are approximate and taken from the rigid master sculpt rather than from the finished silicone product. As a result, flexing or squishing the toy may produce different numbers. Toys may also have a small variation in size due to under or over-pouring, or natural mold distortion over time.

 Small Ryou Measurements

Base Price is listed as a guideline only and is subject to change without notice or updates to this page. Toys may be cheaper or more expensive as a result of defects ("flops") or coloration; toys with complex coloration will often have a higher price than what is listed on this page.