Seiryuu's Maw


Seiryuu's Maw is a hybridized remake of our original stroker design. Now this toy can be enjoyed in a variety of ways that were not possible before!

Please take time to familiarize yourself with the specs for each version of this toy before purchasing; the different sizes are intended for very different audiences and it is not "one size fits all".

If you're not sure what size would be best for you, or if you're confused about how to use this toy, read on!


Seiryuu's Maw Turnaround


Total Length Lower Jaw Insertable Length Lower Jaw Circumference Total Jaw Circumference Enclosed Channel Depth Channel Diameter Base Price
Small 6 in 3 in 3.25 in 4.5 in 3.25 in 1/2 in* 60$
Medium 7.5 in 4 in 4 in 6 in 4 in  3/4 in* 80$


Please Note:  All measurements are approximate, some taken from the rigid master sculpt, and others from a finished silicone piece (the only way to get the closed-jaw measurements). As a result, flexing or squishing the toy may produce different numbers. Toys may also have a small variation in size due to under or over-pouring, or natural mold distortion over time.

Refunds will not be issued on the basis of "measurement inaccuracy", nor will they be granted if a customer chooses the wrong size for their anatomy.

 *The dimensions of the channel itself vary, but this is the approximate entrance/exit diameter.

Seiryuu's Maw Small can photo

Seiryuu's Maw Medium Can Photo

Internal View and Other Measurement Information

Only part of this toy functions like a "traditional" masturbator/stroker, and this part is described both in this image and the measurement chart as the "Enclosed Channel". The rest of the muzzle is open, and the user will need to manually hold it closed around their anatomy.

When referring to the Insertable Portion, I am referring to the LOWER JAW only, unless otherwise noted. While it is theoretically possible that some users may insert the snout instead, or in addition to the tongue and lower jaw, it is not designed specifically for that purpose.* Therefore, to avoid confusion, it may not be included with any great detail in the measurements.

*Do not insert this toy anally if you are using both the top and lower jaws together. Unlike Kouya, Seiryuu does not have protruding ears to stop the whole toy from going in. You can use EITHER the top OR the bottom jaw alone, but we are not responsible for what happens if you use both in this way.

Seiryuu's Maw Internals


So How Do I Use This Thing?

Medium Seiryuu's Maw can be used like any other stroker on the market; the only difference is that only part of the toy is enclosed and the rest is open for both a touch of realism, and to give it additional function as an insertable toy, if desired.

However, it's not required to be a Penis Owner in order to use this size. The channel easily accommodates a small bullet vibrator, which will make the insertable portion of the toy extra fun to use.

Please note: If your anatomy is significantly longer or girthier than the National Average penis (approximately 5.6 in length and 4.8 in girth, according to Google), you may find this penetrable too tight or short.

It has been reported by testers that you may need to be creative with how you enter this toy; head-on may put the enclosed channel portion out of reach for some.

Small Seiryuu is most likely too small for the Average Penis Owner and you should NOT purchase it if you're expecting a "full size" stroker; this size may require a bit of creativity to use. Like the Medium, it also accommodates a small bullet vibe, or anatomy of similar dimensions.

All sizes of this toy can be used for creative play, with or without a vibe inserted (but I do recommend the vibe, it can make the tongue vibrate around which is always fun!). Use it to lick or gently nibble wherever it pleases you, or enjoy the variety of textures externally.

Both sizes can also be used like any other insertable object, but bear in mind my earlier warning about anal use. I'm serious, DON'T use both jaws clamped together for this purpose. That works fine for vaginal use, but is unsuitable for any other form of insertion.

Which Firmness Should I Buy?

If you are strictly using this toy as a stroker, or just want the cheapest version without any bells and whistles: Choose Supersoft/0020.

If you primarily want to use it as a stroker but you want a little bit of extra realism and texture OR you want your stroker to double as an insertable: Choose Dual Firmness. Dual-Firm Seiryuu have their tongue/jaws cast in 0050/Medium to make them noticeably firmer, while leaving the penetrable portion in plush Supersoft/0020 for best use as a stroker.

If you're primarily using it as an insertable: Choose whichever firmness you prefer for insertables. Dual Firm will be more expensive but more rigid/easier to insert, and will likely transmit vibrations better if using it in tandem with a bullet vibe. Supersoft is extremely squishy and more difficult to insert, but some people prefer it for a variety of personal reasons.

If you're using it for external play: Either firmness will work. Dual Firmness means the jaw textures (but not the head textures) will be more prominent, but if that doesn't matter to you, choose Supersoft.

You will not find Seiryuu in any other firmness except rarely, the Small in Soft/0030. Any form of Seiryuu in Soft should NOT be purchased for use as a stroker, as it is more likely than not too dense/unyielding to be enjoyable this way.