Byleth the Demon King


Byleth the Demon King is a hybrid model, and our most ambitious design yet! He sports a penetrable channel and not one, but two insertable portions.

Please take time to familiarize yourself with the specs for each version of this toy, as they are meant to serve different audiences, and read on for some tips on how to use this toy.

Byleth Turnaround



Total Height Cock Length

Cock Circumference (Midshaft)

Tail Length (Vertical) Tail Length (Along Curve) Tail Circumference (Midshaft) Channel Diameter Channel Depth Base Price
Mini 5.5 in  ~2.25 in ~2.25 in ~4 in ~5.25 in ~3 in 1/2 to 5/8 in* ~1.75 in 60$
Small 7 in ~3 in ~3 in ~5 in ~6 in ~3.5 in 1/2 to .75 in* ~2.25 in 80$
Medium - - - - - - -


Please Note: Most of these measurements are approximate, particularly those regarding the size of the enclosed channel, which I cannot easily measure without cutting an actual item in half. Insertable portion measurements are taken from one spot, but you can expect that there will be variation here as well. Refunds will not be issued on the basis of "measurement inaccuracy."

*This measurement varies throughout the channel, and is slightly LESS for closed-end toys since there is a small amount of silicone over the exit hole. Overall, the entrance and channel width of the Mini is a bit bigger than a typical pencil eraser, and the Mini size is NOT suitable for anything larger than a finger. For penile penetration (by an approximately National Average Sized Penis), you must choose the Medium size when it becomes available.

The Small size has a similar audience to the Mini, but is significantly roomier than the numbers indicate (I can fit my thumb into the channel of the rigid master sculpt, which has no yield at all, so the silicone casts are quite accommodating). There is a chance that it may be compatible with average penis GIRTH, but bear in mind that the depth is extremely shallow and it is not advised to vigorously ram the back end of a closed-channel toy,  as the material is thin and may puncture. At this time, I do not have feedback to confirm if Small is suitable for "just the tip" use with an average penis, but am in the process of consulting a tester regarding this usage case.

Mini Byleth Measurements

Small Byleth Measurements

Internal View and Other Measurement Information

Only part of this toy functions like a "traditional" masturbator, and this part is described both in this image and the measurement chart as the "Channel". Relative to a dedicated masturbator, Byleth's channel is short, especially on the Mini and Small versions, which have a different, shorter design than the (Future) Medium.

Mini and Small Byleth Internal View


All measurements are approximate, some taken from the rigid master sculpt, and others from a finished silicone piece. As a result, flexing or squishing the toy may produce different numbers. Toys may also have a small variation in size due to under or over-pouring, or natural mold distortion over time.

So How Do I Use This Thing?

The function of this toy will vary depending on the toy's size and the user's body. The following are examples based on what I can most confidently recommend, though they are not the only possibilities.

If you have a relatively average penis and are primarily seeking a masturbator:

You will need the (future) Medium version of this toy. The Mini and Small are not designed for this anatomy; they only accommodate about a finger or two's worth of girth and length, at most. It is possible (but not confirmed yet; a tester is being consulted) that the Small could be used for "just the tip" of an average penis, but it's too shallow to function like most masturbators for that audience.

If you have a clitoris and vagina and are equally interested in the toy for suction and insertion:

You will most likely benefit from the Mini or Small, as the shorter body of these versions are easier to draw suction with and will fit more easily in-hand. Provided that there is enough tissue in and around the clitoris, this toy may be used to draw suction on the clitoris while simultaneously inserting the tail vaginally.

Naturally, success with this particular function will depend heavily on your specific anatomy. Individuals experiencing bottom growth may wish to choose the Small over the Mini, if they require a larger penetrable channel. The Small is significantly chunkier, though, and may be more difficult to squeeze one-handed.

Additionally, some users may be able to have Small Byleth "sit" on the clitoris while inserting the end of the tail anally. Mini Byleth is most likely slightly too short for this usage case, but the added length of the Small's tail may make this possible for some. You will probably want one with a 0050/Medium firmness tail for this, as 0020 and 30 casts can be very squirmy!

If you aren't interested in the penetrable aspect of the toy and have any type of anatomy compatible with insertion:

Either you will want to choose a size with insertable pieces of a dimension you like, OR you'll want to wait for me to release a Standalone dildo version of Byleth's Cock and/or Tail. Each size of the hybrid of Byleth will be more expensive than a dedicated standalone version of the toy in the same size if you don't want to pay for functions you won't or can't use, it might be better to wait for the other version of this toy to release.


In any case, regardless of your intent when you pick up one of these bad boys, don't be afraid to experiment and take your time getting to know them! As of right now, there really isn't anything else quite like Byleth on the market, and there are plenty of creative ways to play.

Which Firmness Should I Buy?

For Mini Byleth:

If you want the cock and/or tail to be firmer for easier insertion, choose a Dual Firmness toy. The body will always be cast in either 0020/Supersoft or 0030/Soft, but Dual Firmness Byleths will have their cocks and/or tails (check the listing to make sure if it's one or both parts) cast in 0050/Medium, and the rest in either Soft or Supersoft.

Most users will probably find little difference between 0020 and 0030 in this size range, with regards to the penetrable portion. 0020 is the softest and stretchiest, but it's also a little tackier to the touch than 0030, so this will be a matter of personal preference.

If you don't care about the insertable portion being firmer and are most interested in the toy for the penetrable/suction aspect, a Byleth cast fully in 0020 or 0030 will do the job without the extra cost associated with Dual Firmness casts.

For Small Byleth:

Due to the girth of his body making him more difficult to squeeze than the Mini, the Small will usually only come in two forms: fully Supersoft/0020, or Dual Firmness of Supersoft and Medium/0050.

Choose the full Supersoft version if you either want very squishy insertable bits, or you're more interested in it as a penetrable than an insertable.

Choose Dual Firmness (check each listing to see if it's the cock, tail, or both in Medium firmness) if you require either or both of the insertable parts to be firmer.

For Medium Byleth:

There are likely to be only two possibilities: a toy cast fully in 0020, or Dual Firmness with a 0020/Supersoft body and 0050/Medium cock+tail.

If you have little interest in using this toy as a dildo, or if you want to drastically tone down the textures on the insertable parts, save yourself the extra cost of a Dual Firmness pour and choose a fully 0020/Supersoft toy.

If you want to keep your options open and are interested in using the cock and tail as dildos, choose Dual Firmness. Most people find 0050/Medium firmness to be easier to insert; a fully 0020 firmness Byleth will have extremely soft, wiggly extremities, which may appeal to some but be difficult for others to use as insertables.