Sometimes, you just want to see a familiar phallus. In that case, Idris the Elf might be the man for you!

Idris has returned from his long vacation with exactly enough newly-added detail to make him more visually pleasing, but he has retained the features people loved about the original: a downward-angled, uncut shaft with a gentle swell, and big plush balls. He's designed to provide a satisfying but smooth entry, and nestle firmly deep inside.

Idris turnaround



Total Length



Upper Shaft Circumference Lower Shaft Circumference Base Price
Small 6 in 5 in 5.5 in 5 in 55$
Medium 7 in 6 in 6.25 in 6 in 80$


Please Note:  All measurements are approximate, taken from the rigid master sculpt. As a result, flexing or squishing the toy may produce different numbers. Toys may also have a small variation in size due to under or over-pouring, or natural mold distortion over time.

Idris Small measurements

Idris Medium Measurements

Known Mold Anomalies: Both may have some flashing/bumpy texture inside the urethra. Outwardly, this doesn't affect the toy at all, but it may require more attention while cleaning than normal. The feature is intended to be quite deep (as a fun detail for oral play or just to fondle) and will require cleaning regardless, but the current molds have been consistently throwing texture errors in this area.

There is also some variation in the surface texture, such as "streaky" spots that are slightly shinier than the rest, but this is not noticeable except at point-blank range under a strong light source.