Small Valentine's Tongue (Medium/0050) - D54

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This listing is for one (1) ready made platinum-cure silicone toy as seen in the photos.

Model: Valentine's Tongue
Size: Small
Firmness: Medium/0050

Notes: Pigment freckle in crease between tongue and lip. Seems to be below-surface and is a liquid pigment, so unlikely to cut through (is non-tangible to me). In the event that this item is sufficiently stressed to force it to emerge, the spot can be repaired by the customer using the steps outlined in our FAQ.



Total Height Usable Length Circumference (Narrow Point Midshaft)

Circumference (Flare/Lower Tongue)

Base Price:
Small 5.5 in 4.25 in 4 in 4.5-4.75 in 55$