Small Snapdragon (Mixed Firmness) - D96

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This listing is for one (1) ready made platinum-cure silicone toy as seen in the photos.

Model: Snapdragon
Size: Small
Firmness: Mixed 0020/Supersoft and 0050/Medium (See Notes)

Notes: Toy is not a consistent firmness/does not have a clear split in its composite firmnesses, but its weirdness might make it a perfect companion for the right person! Anywhere it has a yellow highlight, it's considerably firmer because the highlight is 0050. The gold/black beneath is 0020. This makes the tip and base much firmer than the exposed center of the bulb, which is very squishy (and also slightly tackier to the touch, as 0020 typically is).

Theoretically, this makes it both sturdier than a pure 0020 version (because the stem is reinforced partially with 0050), and more forgiving in its squishiness at the widest point of the bulb.

Either way, it's fun to fidget with!


Total Height Usable Length Max Circumference (Bulb) Base Price
Small 4 in 3 in 5 in 35$


Additional Details: Snapdragons may occasionally have a minor snipped thorn or bubble at the tip of their thorns. This does not affect the usage or cleaning of the toy and is generally not considered flopped unless more obvious or rough than usual.