Pick-A-Guardian! (Chocolate Edition)

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IMPORTANT: All sales are final and cannot be cancelled. Please read our Terms of Service prior to purchasing.

This listing is for one (1) Desk Guardian, chosen from the drop-down list, and a heart-shaped container filled with two (2) randomly-selected Dicklets (those seen in the example will not necessarily come with that specific Guardian) in a chocolatey color scheme. Please view the images and make sure you have chosen the correct identifying letter for the Guardian you want, as all purchases are final and exchanges cannot be made.

You will receive only the specific Guardian(s) you order (plus two random Dicklets), not all of the items in the picture. This is not a listing for a Guardian Set.

Desk Guardians range somewhat in size according to pose and chunkiness, generally falling between 2 and 2 1/2 inches tall (some may be a little shorter or taller than that). They're small enough to be easily carried around and not take up much space, but large enough to be a pleasant to hold and squeeze.

  • The firmness of each of these Guardians is not documented and I cannot tell you upon request. They can be any of the firmnesses we use in the shop.
  • Desk Guardians are NOT designed to be used for sexual purposes, they're collector's items only. While they are made of the same silicone as our sex toys, they are not designed as sex toys, nor do they have the same level of quality checking (as they won't be going in people's bodies), and could pose a health risk if someone attempts to misuse them in this manner.
  • Desk Guardians may have "flops" such as air bubbles, uneven bases, patched spots etc. We like to think of those as battle scars rather than errors. Your Guardian's lifespan should generally be unaffected and they will still be Very Cute.
  • Even though they're cute (and technically "Safe For Work"), Desk Guardians are not suitable toys for children.
  • Avoid picking at your Guardian, stretching/twisting them, or digging nails/teeth/other sharp objects into them. A firm squeeze is fine, but please don't torture your small monster friends! They have small, fine details that can be torn relatively easily, especially the softer ones.