Gargoyle Gang (Soft/0030) - E076

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This listing is for one (1) ready made platinum-cure silicone toy set as seen in the photos.

Model: Gargoyle Gang
Size: One-Size
Firmness: Soft/0030

Notes: Painted spots/flecks; experimental, not upcharged. Not actually solid white — their inspiration was raw moonstone, so there is a soft blue sheen over much of the white parts, which is not visible in the photos. It's not as pronounced as I intended, but there's nothing actually wrong with 'em.

General Note Regarding Painted Toys: Although we make every effort to keep the odds of delamination low, there is always a possibility that paint work may delaminate over time, or if directly agitated excessively. By purchasing a painted toy, you acknowledge that customer-end repair with Sil-Poxy may become necessary in the event of delamination and refunds will not be granted.




Total Height


(Varies Slightly for Each)

Base Price
One-Size 2 in 4.75 in 30$


Additional Details: Gargoyles are not suitable for anal use, as they do not have a flared base to prevent them from becoming lost. Additionally, they have a number of sculpted-in cracks and divots; these are not errors, they are part of the design.