Dicklets and Friends

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This listing is for one (1) package of Dicklets, which contains five random miniatures of our toy models. Each Dicklet is roughly 2-2.5 inches tall (on average, with some variance for certain models).

  • Requests for specific colors, models, or firmnesses cannot be granted.
  • You might get past, present, or even future models in your pack! The models seen in the image are just examples of the possible tiny friends you can obtain.
  • While one package generally doesn't contain duplicates (it could, by very rare chance, but we aim to avoid that), ordering multiple packs may result in several duplicates.
  • Dicklets and Friends are NOT designed to be used for sexual purposes, they're collector's items only. While they are made of the same silicone as our sex toys, they are not designed to withstand usage as a sex toy and do not have the same quality check standards.
  • Dicklets may have "flops" such as air bubbles, uneven bases, etc. We won't send one that's completely mangled by any means, but since these are not meant to go in anyone's body, the "Flop Standard" is significantly different from our main line.
  • Pitaya is currently rare due to how much it bubbles, and any ones you receive may still have several at any number of points. Elva, Walter, and Anathema are also prone to having bubbles and they may be fairly significant in number, relative to other models.