Total Length Usable Depth Channel Width (Entrance)
Mini 3.5 in 2.75 in 3/8 in*
Standard 6.5 in 6 in 1/2 in**


*This measurement varies throughout the channel. Overall, the entrance and channel width is similar to that of a pencil eraser, and the Mini size is NOT suitable for anything larger than a finger.

**Channel width varies throughout the toy. The Standard size is generally appropriate for an average-sized or slightly larger penis, but may not accommodate an especially thick or long one comfortably.

Seiryuu Internals

(The Closed End version of Mini Seiryuu will differ slightly from the image above, as a small portion of the back of the channel is cut off. Only Standard Seiryuu has an open channel all the way to the other side.)

All measurements are approximate and taken from the rigid master sculpt rather than from the finished silicone product. As a result, flexing or squishing the toy may produce different numbers. Toys may also have a small variation in size due to under or over-pouring, or natural mold distortion over time.