Small Monty (Soft/0030) - D218

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This listing is for one (1) ready made platinum-cure silicone toy as seen in the photos.

Model: Monty
Size: Small
Firmness: Soft/0030

Flop Reason: Surface-level tiny fragment extracted from head and lightly patched (visible in person, in the right light, but barely). You can feel the firmness difference with your fingers, but in-use, it shouldn't be noticeable. May require re-patching by customer if area is deliberately picked/scraped, but the original hole is very shallow and didn't really require a patch to begin with.

Notes: None.



Total Height Usable Length Circumference (Midshaft)

Circumference (Lower Shaft)

Base Price

Small 5.25 in 4.5 in 4.25 in 6 in 55$


Additional Details: All Monty toys may have small air bubbles in the tips of their base spikes. They are not marked down unless otherwise noted, when bubbles are unusually numerous or severe enough to be a cleaning hazard.