Onesize Saichon (Soft/0030) -See Notes- D371

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This listing is for one (1) ready made platinum-cure silicone toy as seen in the photos.

Model: Saichon the Phaya Naga
Size: Onesize
Firmness: Soft/0030

Notes: The reds in the marble are two types of colorshift pigment, one of which has a fairly large micron size, but not exceeding safe levels for "glitter". Toy may appear to have a more pinkish, reddish, or orange sheen depending on viewing angle and lighting.



Total Height Usable Length (Tongue) Max Circumference (Tongue) Tongue Tip Circumference

Usable Length (Horn)

Max Circumference (Horn) Base Price
One Size 7.25 in 6 in 6 in 3 in 3.25 in 3.75 in 80$


Additional Details: The inside of Saichon's mouth, the lower inside portion of his tongue, and some of his teeth may have a different texture or notches on them. These are part of the master sculpt, as it is difficult to sand and coat the inside of this narrow space evenly. The toy's function is unaffected and textural differences are minor.