Mini Byleth - (SuperSoft/0020) - D287

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This listing is for one (1) ready made platinum-cure silicone hybrid-function toy as seen in the photos. If you are unsure how to use this toy, or if this is the correct size for you, please see the model page for more information.

Model: Byleth the Demon King
Size: Mini
Firmness: SuperSoft/0020

Channel Style: Closed End

Notes: None


Total Height Cock Length

Cock Circumference (Midshaft)

Tail Length (Vertical) Tail Length (Along Curve) Tail Circumference (Midshaft) Channel Diameter Base Price
Mini 5.5 in  ~2.25 in ~2.25 in ~4 in ~5.25 in ~3 in 1/2 to 5/8 in* 60$

[All measurements are approximate; see model page for more information. Minor variation from the numbers given will not be grounds for refund/replacement.]

Additional Details: All Mini Byleths currently have a couple minor anomalies inbetween the creases of their fur. This manifests as a small bit of extra silicone in an irregular shape. It should be an aesthetic variation only, and pose no threat to the integrity of the item.

Mini Byleth is a size that is  not appropriate as a masturbator for those at or above the national average for penis girth; it has not been designed for, or tested by, this group. The penetrable channel only accommodates anatomy or objects roughly the girth of a finger.

Please be aware that this is a somewhat niche item with multiple uses. Refunds will not be provided if you find that you cannot fit your anatomy inside it.

As with all penetrables, it is susceptible to tearing damage due to the nature of its use (and of soft silicones) and does not come with a warranty. The back end of Closed-End toys like this is particularly fragile; do not jab it directly with anything unless you want it to become accidentally Open-Ended.

Smooth-On's product "Sil-Poxy" can be used to repair damage to an extent, but be aware that the finish on the patched area will be different and the patch itself is firmer than the rest of the silicone.