Medium Archie (Soft/0030) - D432

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This listing is for one (1) ready made platinum-cure silicone toy as seen in the photos.

Model: Archie
Size: Medium
Firmness: Soft/0030

Notes: May have small (non flop) freckles, esp. teal or coral.


Total Height Usable Length Shaft Swell Max Circumference

Head Flare Max Circumference

Base Price
Medium 6.5 in 5.25 in 6.75 in 6.75 in 80$


Additional Details: All Medium Archies currently have a small air bubble under their heads; this location regularly catches them, though this seems to be mold-specific. It shouldn't impact aesthetics, use, or cleaning in any noteworthy fashion. This mold also has a bit of faint tooling marks on the head, but it's not easy to see unless you're looking for them.