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IMPORTANT: All sales are final and cannot be cancelled. Please read our Terms of Service prior to purchasing.

PURCHASE LIMIT : One of each set per customer (for a total of 9 Guardians). If you have more than one of the same set, your orders may be cancelled. Please be courteous to other customers who want to take this last opportunity to get these old models in their preferred colors.

(This limit overrides any information about active/inactive limits according to the Terms of Service or any other listings.)

This listing is for one (1) set of three (3) Desk Guardians, according to your selection. Please see the listing photos to decide which set you want, and select their group from the dropdown list. The sets are fixed and cannot be altered.

Your color selection will be used on the whole set in a Dealer's Choice design. This means that specific patterns and quantities of each color cannot be requested. Desk Guardians are too small for me to guarantee specific color placement or distribution, so I will be deciding how to best use the colors you've chosen.

You can opt for a single-color Guardian set by choosing the same color on both dropdown lists. Note that this does not work for the Surprise options — if you choose the same Surprise option twice, two different colors will be used in the design.


What Are Desk Guardians?

Collectible squishy friends! They're meant only for squishing and looking cute in various living spaces (desks being just one possible territory), not for sexual activity. They are made of the same silicone as our toys and share the same care requirements, but are not designed or quality checked for anything intimate.

  • Most Guardians are around 3 inches in height, but it varies slightly by model. 
  • The images in the listing are 3D renders and are NOT to scale with their actual heights, so their size when you receive them might be different than it appears in the listing. All of them are sized to be easy to squish but small enough to travel just about anywhere.
  • Guardians in this listing are old models that will be permanently retired either as soon as the molds become unusable, or as soon as I have enough new models to replace them. 

This is a special event to see them off before this group is gone for good— if you want any of these, don't pass up this chance! While these old models may continue to appear for a while as premades/random stock, the molds are pretty much at the end of their lifespan and will not be reliable enough for any more MTO events. 

Listing-Specific Terms and Information

Please be aware that the quality checking rules for Desk Guardians are much looser than for toys; these items are not designed for intimate use and will not be held to the same standard as our mainline toys. If I can't easily see an issue at arm's length (without a head lamp) and the item's overall structural integrity is "as expected", then I will not consider it a critical defect.

  • The firmness of your Guardians will be random and cannot be chosen.
  • Pigment Freckles will not be considered flops even if tangible and numerous (except in extreme circumstances, at my sole discretion). Pigment rub-out, either from freckles or pigments we do not normally use (IE Glow in the Dark), will not be grounds for refund.
  • Air bubbles will not be considered flops. Several models are prone to them and yours may have a few, albeit nothing I consider severely disfiguring.
  • The Guardian molds are old and have a number of "scars" (EG on Kouya's back or Carmela's shoulder), as well as tiny globules that protrude all over part of their surface. These little globs can be pinched off carefully and are a normal part of the mold.
  • If one or more molds in your set becomes unusable, you will be offered either a refund for all Guardians that can no longer be poured, or you will be asked if you wish to substitute with another Guardian from a different set.
  • The pattern and distribution of the colors you choose will be random and could be drastically different between members of the set.
  • Some Guardians have fragile details, like the space between Fenris and Kouya's tails, or the paws of various models (esp. Monty or Kouya). While I will try to ensure these spots are as strong as possible, there is nothing short of a redesign that can address these structural issues. Please be gentle with your Guardians and don't stretch/twist them, especially in thin areas.
  • Refunds will not be given for Guardians that develop tears after you receive them. They should be repairable with Sil-Poxy, so don't chuck them if they get a boo-boo!
  • If you change your mind on the colors, you must contact me within an hour of placing your order. I will not be able to change from a no-charge color to an upcharged color (but I CAN downgrade you from an upcharged one and refund the difference), so please keep that in mind when making your initial decision.

What Are the Surprise Options?

If you're not completely sure what you want, you want to upgrade to a more expensive specialty pigment, or you want a chance of getting an "off menu" color, you can choose one of the Surprise options instead of colors from the palette. But do keep in mind, surprise means SURPRISE! Requests for specific colors cannot be honored.

Surprise: Anything goes; I will try to prioritize colors that are not on my list, but this isn't guaranteed. There is no upcharge for this option. I may or may not use specialty pigments for this; if you want to guarantee that I use one of those, see the options below.

GITD Surprise: I will use a random Glow in the Dark color. After a moment of charging under a strong light, GITD pigments will do as their name suggests! The intensity and longevity will vary; they won't light up a room but it can be a fun feature. Upcharged $2.50.

GITD colors may blend together; if you choose GITD for both colors, it's possible the individual colors will not be obvious.

Thermochromic Surprise: Pigment that changes from one color to another at approximately 86F. Keep stored at room temperature and out of light and heat sources as often as possible in order to extend its lifespan; eventually, these pigments tend to "lock" into one color or another, but this will happen faster if left at activation temperature. 

Results could be unpredictable if you choose Thermochromic for both of your selections. The colors may blend strangely, not shift as noticeably, or one of the states (cold or activated) might not be as appealing as the other.  Upcharged $2.50.

Colorshift Surprise: A pigment that changes color depending on the light and viewing angle. Technically, some Duochromes could also be considered Colorshift, but the term "Colorshift" refers to a pricier pigment that has a more pronounced shift between colors than a Duochrome. This option does not guarantee a dramatic color shift between several obvious colors (some may simply show as very flashy metallics with a subtle shift); it is being offered in something of an experimental capacity, as these pigments are relatively new to my shop and have an element of unpredictability. It'll be shiny, that's about all I can guarantee!

Choosing Colorshift for both selections may have mixed results; it could be difficult to tell that two pigments were used. For best results (contrast-wise), it should be combined with a flatter (non-duochrome or Colorshift) color. Upcharged 2.50.


If choosing specialty pigments for both of your selections, you will be charged a total of 5$ extra.


Color Descriptions:

In case you'd like more than an image, this is a (somewhat subjective) description of each color in the selectable palette:

Cherry: Rich metallic red, fit for a vampire...or the fruit it's named after.

Harvest Moon: Bold, sparkling orange with a slight gold sheen.

Sunrise: A duochrome "pinky-orange" or coral-like color with a golden sheen. Can look quite different depending on light/angle.

Sunflower: Bright, sparkly yellow.

Lilypad: A perfectly springy green, more on the yellow side of green.

Aqua: Soft, cool green with a tilt towards blue.

Tsunami: A bright and bold blue, tilting slightly more towards green depending on your lighting conditions. By no means a pastel color, and can look considerably darker than it appears in the image.

Ultramarine: True, medium blue.

Violet: Bold purple, tilting more towards blue than red; might appear blue at certain angles or in some combinations.

Dusky Purple: Lighter, pearly purple. Not exactly a pastel color, but the lower level of saturation gives it softness.

Ghoulfriend: A complex duochrome color that can look more pink, red, or blue depending on how it's viewed and what it's combined with. A fan favorite that looks good with almost anything!

Azalea: A rich, medium, pearlescent pink.

Pearl Pink: Might be better called "Pepto Pink". Bright, shimmery pink. Not pastel, per se, but very candy-colored. A somewhat lighter, and definitely brighter, alternative to Azalea.

Coal: No-frills black pigment. It technically has a soft sheen, but it's not usually obvious with the non-glossy finish of our work.

Pewter: Dark, shining silver. If you're looking for a bright silver, this isn't it, but it's a great "fur/scale" color for any number of critters.

Pearl: A shimmery, somewhat silvery white. It's not a paper-white pigment, but rather a bit softer than that.

Gold: A bold, more orangey shade of gold. More yellow than Harvest Moon, albeit not by a lot, so if you want to combine them, keep in mind that the contrast might not be obvious.

Coffee: A rich, metallic brown.